Steel Coil Supplier List and Price

October 24, 2022

This article is about steel coil prices and the list of manufacturers in the world. The information will be continuously updated.

Steel Coil's Price

The price data of Steel Coil comes from the authoritative website of the Steel Coil industry and the large B2B trading platforms such as Please note that prices can fluctuate over time and many other factors. The price of the Steel Coil in this article is for reference only.

The price of Steel Coil is about USD 500-1800 / Ton.

Steel Coil Manufacturer List

Source 21, Inc.

We not only stock numerous grades of stainless steel coil and strip at our processing facilities nationwide, but we also offer high-quality processing of your strip and coil so that your stainless steel arrives at your production facility in a timely and ready-to-use manner.

We stock 300 series annealed and tempered stainless steel coil and strip, focusing on light gauge stainless steel.

Additionally, we carry the heat-treatable grades of Type 410 and 420 High Carbon, in the annealed condition.

We also specialize in the more exotic grades of stainless steel for your specialized needs. Contact us today to find out more and to discuss your product and production needs!


We handle all of the basic grades of stainless such as 201, 301, 302, 304, 304-L, 316, 316-L, 430, 434, 436, 410, and specialize in 420 stainless steel.

Most grades can be purchased in annealed or tempered conditions.

If your company uses stainless, please give us the opportunity to quote. We can be very competitive, especially in the 500# to 4000# range. Smaller quantities are welcome.

Metal Associates

Metal Associates, Inc. is a distributor of ferrous and nonferrous metals servicing the electrical, electronic, and microwave industries.

We specialize in hard-to-find alloys such as copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, steel, and stainless-steel alloys.

Our product line includes wire, cadmium-plated copper lock wire, anodized blue aluminum lock wire, strip, sheet, plate, rod, bars, and tube; specializing in aluminum, copper, and bronze electronic waveguide tubing.

We are ISO 9001-2015 certified with a highly trained staff with over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience. Metal Associates is committed to providing our customers with outstanding metal products for their projects; from copper foil and brass bars to brass rods and bronze sheets. These dependable items are long-lasting and our company works with you every step of the way to those “hard to find” alloys such as alloy 20, copper-nickel, nickel silver, and beryllium copper.


The metalmen are custom response suppliers. We can combine any metalworking process – rolling, slitting, tempering, shearing, heat-treating – to meet your specification.

Whatever the solution, the metalmen are seasoned, hands-on metal supply specialists. We provide metals and alloys on-demand, expert market knowledge, and with over 100 years of cumulative experience, we are your Go-To Guys.

We are market specialists, stocking and processing a broad selection of alloys in foils, rods, bars, strips, coils, sheets, and plates. Amongst other non-standard stock, our unique inventory is aluminum 1100 bar up to 4″ dia and plate to 2″ thick. Our saws and shears can cut any of our metals to the exact size and quantity that you require.


Bergsen was founded in 1974 by Bob Bergquist (formerly of A.M. Castle) and Lou Spitsen (formerly of Pacific Tube). They began a distribution center of cold-finished carbon products. Together, they creatively called it Bergsen, and originally started as a full bundle distributor located in Downey, California.

In 1986, to adapt to a changing market, Bergsen, began to break bundles to better serve their customer. In 1987, Bergsen was acquired by Kiveton Park “Holdings” LTD, with this new acquisition, Bergsen expanded its service capabilities to include “saw cutting”, as well as additional product lines.

In addition to an ever-changing market, in 2005, we again expanded our services to include next-day (local) deliveries – meeting the needs of many of our local customers. Since its relocation in 2006, Bergsen (again) expanded its product line and services to meet the requirements of both the aerospace and commercial industries.

Find the Right Suppliers By Google

01 – Google Keywords Searching

It’s easy to search the suppliers by google searching.

Usually, the official website of the suppliers will have the following keywords: 

ps: product keywords are replaced with "xxx"

  • "xxx suppliers in ..."
  • "xxx factory in ..."
  • "xxx manufacturers in ..."
  • "bulk xxx in ..."
  • "xxx wholesalers in ..."
Sometimes, you need to ignore supplier information from Google Ads:

02 – Google Maps Searching

Google maps is also an excellent tool to find suppliers. Also, we can find the suppliers’ addresses and strengths by using the “street view” function.

03 – Google Images Searching

The suppliers usually show lots of their product photos on their websites. We can search these photos by keywords or by uploading images.

04 – Other Local Search Engines

Sometimes some local search engines (such as in China, and in Russia.) do even better than Google.

For example, we can easily find many good Chinese eyelash vendors by searching “假发厂家” on

Find the Right Suppliers on

There're two ways to find & contact the suppliers:

  • Searching on the platform. - You can find the suppliers list according to search the keywords such as "human hair extension".
  • Submit a Purchasing Request (RFQ). After the request is done, you can continue to receive information from suppliers in the next few days.

I prefer to search directly cause it's more proactive and efficient. Now let's check it.

Step 01 – Search Keyword

After searching the keyword “hair extension” on, we’ll get a product list page ( about 45 products).

Step 02 – Avoid Advertising Products

It's necessary to ignore the advertising product to find good suppliers.

The advertising product usually is with a label on the right like this:

Step 03 - Choose the Good Eyelash Vendors

There're many icons on each product. Some icons can help us find good vendors.

1. Product Label – Useless. This label can be edited by vendors.

2. Customs Data – Useless. Sellers wouldn’t have this label if they don’t like to display their data.

3. Company Name – Useful. We can find vendors’ websites by clicking this link — on the “contacts” page. ( click to see how to find )

4. Member Age – Useful. It’s reasonless to purchase from 1-years-member vendors.

5. Verified Label – Useless. It’s a paid service on The certification company just takes some photos of vendors’ offices & business licenses.

6. Trade Assurance – Useful. Make sure the “Supplier’s Trade Assurance Limit” (you’ll find it when you put the mouse on the little yellow crown icon) is enough to secure our payment.

7. Vendors’ Response Rate – Useless. Most of the response rate is more than 95%. This is just an indicator to evaluate suppliers.

8. Sales on – Useful. This label shows vendors’ sales on

9. Supplier Service Stars – Useless. It’s proportional to the cost of the suppliers.

10. Feedback – Useless already. For better rank on, there’re more and more suppliers begin to pay for fake feedback.

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