Exhaust Fan Suppliers in Bangladesh

October 24, 2022

Here’s the exhaust fan supplier list in Bangladesh:

GFC Fan Factory

Business Type: distributor

Products: hanging fans

Web: www.gfcfansbd.com


Since 90's, “SHUVA ENTERPRISE” is the proud importer and official sole distributor of G.F.C. Fans in Bangladesh. G.F.C Fan has been recognized as the number one choice in terms of electric fans and pioneered in innovating quality products. Though its four outlets are situated in Dhaka, Shuva Enterprise has been serving the customers with dignity and commitment. With continuous love and support, in 2013 Shuva Enterprise and General Fan Company (Pvt.) Ltd. formed an independent Joint Venture Company in Bangladesh by the name of General Fan Company (Bd) Ltd. to come up with quality products & services. Today, we pride ourselves on being one of the top-quality electric fan importers, manufacturers, and distributors in the country.


Business Type: trader

Products: industrial fans and blowers

Web: toolmasterbd.com


The Tool Master & Engineering Co. offers intelligent solutions to move air efficiently. Since 1983, The Tool Master & Engineering Co. located in Besic I/A, Tongi, Gazipur, has been the sales office and warehouse of the Tool Master in Bangladesh. We provide sales, stock, local assembly, engineering, and after-sales solutions to our customers in Greater Dhaka Division and Bangladesh nationwide.


Business Type: trader

Products: Fans

Web: www.asgarelectric.com


New Asgar Electric is a place where customers always WIN. All our products are Original and quality-full. We do not compromise with quality. Here customers can review our products and also they can order those things online from home.

Find the Right Suppliers By Google

01 – Google Keywords Searching

It’s easy to search the suppliers by google searching.

Usually, the official website of the suppliers will have the following keywords: 

ps: product keywords are replaced with "xxx"

  • "xxx suppliers in ..."
  • "xxx factory in ..."
  • "xxx manufacturers in ..."
  • "bulk xxx in ..."
  • "xxx wholesalers in ..."
Sometimes, you need to ignore supplier information from Google Ads:

02 – Google Maps Searching

Google maps is also an excellent tool to find suppliers. Also, we can find the suppliers’ addresses and strengths by using the “street view” function.

03 – Google Images Searching

The suppliers usually show lots of their product photos on their websites. We can search these photos by keywords or by uploading images.

04 – Other Local Search Engines

Sometimes some local search engines (such as baidu.com in China, and yandex.com in Russia.) do even better than Google.

For example, we can easily find many good Chinese eyelash vendors by searching “假发厂家” on baidu.com.

Find the Right Suppliers on Alibaba.com

There're two ways to find & contact the suppliers:

  • Searching on the platform. - You can find the suppliers list according to search the keywords such as "human hair extension".
  • Submit a Purchasing Request (RFQ). After the request is done, you can continue to receive information from suppliers in the next few days.

I prefer to search directly cause it's more proactive and efficient. Now let's check it.

Step 01 – Search Keyword

After searching the keyword “hair extension” on alibaba.com, we’ll get a product list page ( about 45 products).

Step 02 – Avoid Advertising Products

It's necessary to ignore the advertising product to find good suppliers.

The advertising product usually is with a label on the right like this:

Step 03 - Choose the Good Eyelash Vendors

There're many icons on each product. Some icons can help us find good vendors.

1. Product Label – Useless. This label can be edited by vendors.

2. Customs Data – Useless. Sellers wouldn’t have this label if they don’t like to display their data.

3. Company Name – Useful. We can find vendors’ websites by clicking this link — on the “contacts” page. ( click to see how to find )

4. Member Age – Useful. It’s reasonless to purchase from 1-years-member vendors.

5. Verified Label – Useless. It’s a paid service on alibaba.com. The certification company just takes some photos of vendors’ offices & business licenses.

6. Trade Assurance – Useful. Make sure the “Supplier’s Trade Assurance Limit” (you’ll find it when you put the mouse on the little yellow crown icon) is enough to secure our payment.

7. Vendors’ Response Rate – Useless. Most of the response rate is more than 95%. This is just an indicator to evaluate suppliers.

8. Sales on alibaba.com – Useful. This label shows vendors’ sales on alibaba.com.

9. Supplier Service Stars – Useless. It’s proportional to the cost of the suppliers.

10. Feedback – Useless already. For better rank on alibaba.com, there’re more and more suppliers begin to pay for fake feedback.

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